Rose Center for Earth and Space

Circular-form Objects and the Identity

Rose Center for 
Earth and Space
(personal project)
Branding, Motion Design

The Rose Center for Earth and Space, which is located in New York City and falls under the umbrella of the American Museum of Natural History, is dedicated to exploring the nature of galaxies as well as the dynamic features of our planet Earth. Not only does its subject matter set it apart from the other sections of the AMNH, but its architectural design is also distinctive. As someone who has an interest in astronomy, I find it enjoyable to devise a unique identity system specifically for the Rose Center.
From One
to All the Others
I observed that the Rose Center's architectural form, celestial objects, planetary orbits, and astronomical diagrams all prominently feature circular shapes. Drawing on the circle as the primary symbol of the Rose Center, I created an additional six symbols that draw inspiration from other common astronomical motifs. These symbols, which all incorporate circular forms, form a cohesive system and can be used interchangeably in various applications such as posters and tickets.
Dynamic Poster 
Featuring special moon phase event
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