Rose Center for Earth and Space

Circular-form Objects and the Identity

Rose Center for 
Earth and Space
(personal project)
Branding, Motion Design

The Rose Center for Earth and Space is a part of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, focusing on the nature of galaxies, and the dynamic feature of planet Earth.

Its subject matter and architectural structure stand out from the rest part of AMNH. In addition to that, astronomy is also one of my interests. So I think it's fun to create an exclusive identity system just for them.
From One
to All the Others
From Rose Center's architectural structure to celestial objects, planetary orbits, and astronomical diagrams, I noticed a lot of circular shapes.

Starting from a circle, as the main symbol of Rose Center, I developed six other symbols based on the circular form, also inspired by common astronomical subjects. They could work as a system and alternate with each other in applications like posters and tickets.
Dynamic Poster 
Featuring special moon phase event
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