(personal project)
Brand Identity, UI/UX Design

Palette provides you with an AI-based interior design tool and helps you decide which furniture fits your home the best.

Colors play an essential role in interior design, and they might subtly influence your everyday emotions and feelings. It's crucial to choose the right piece of furniture/home product with the right color. 

Palette can generate a color palette of your room based on the photo you upload. It suggests a few more refined palettes based on the algorithm and shows you the combination of furniture you can choose based on the palette.

User Flow
If you want to design your home with the Palette design feature...

User Experience of the Design Feature

Generate Palettes
Take a photo of your room and see how the color palette of it looks like.
Refine Palettes
Refined palettes show how the design of your room can be improved and suggest a combination of furniture or home products you can buy based on them.
Shop the Color
Select one certain color and see what product Palette suggests for you.
If you just want to shop
Take a look at what kind of product Palette provides you with.
Add the ones fit your home the best to your cart.
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