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Motion Design

A motion graphic project talking about my personal feelings, emotions, memories, and how I visualize them. I designed and animated them through the medium of tarot cards.

I wrote down my emotions and what was on my mind for a few weeks and created illustrations and tarot card designs based on them.

Whenever I feel lost and depressed, I read spiritual guides and horoscopes, to see if I can find some clues for life. When I was desperately looking for a job, I went to see how my sixth and tenth houses look on my horoscope. When I was worried about my dating life, I went to see if there was any good-fortune planet in my fifth house.

When there's nothing else that can cheer me up, a tiny sign on my horoscope can give me a lot of hope. That's why when I don't know what I want and what to do about my life, I read spiritual guides.

Design Frames
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